Can I Just Live?

For the last year and few months I have been trying to buy my first home. I have encountered obstacle after obstacle. You don’t make enough. You make too much. Your debt to income ration is too high. Your student loan is hurting you. FHA rules changed. Conventional loans changed. APR’s rise, then drop and back up again. You gotta worry about HOA’s and home owner’s insurance. Now 45 fucking shit up! And let’s not even mention the average price of homes in San Diego…. ughhh!!!!! According to Zillow, a real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, “The median home value in San Diego County [as of January 2017] is $530,900 . . . values have gone up 6.2% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 1.5% within the next year.”  You get the picture! This process is a bitch, to say the least!

So, I am still trying, but my current housing situation isn’t ideal and it can be a beast of a frustration all on its own. So I start to think, well, maybe it’s time to take the inherent  “L,” for now, and look for an apartment rental. Should be worth it for my sanity, right? I hate moving! But as I listen to the shouting and pointless arguing happening on the other side of the wall at my current place, I decide that’s solid a YES!

I start searching for a two-bedroom rental, cuz I can’t share just one room with a grown man-child and an actual child, who’s five, but has the attitude of a 14-year-old… I would literally kill one of them, but most likely both. Yeah. For sure both!

I quickly realized renting in San Diego is ridiculously expensive too. According to Rent Jungle, an online rent database, “As of January 2017, average apartment rent within the city of of San Diego, CA is $2113. One bedroom apartments in San Diego rent for $1754 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $2240.” When the hell did the cost of living increase so much in San Diego? I know I moved away for 5-years, but got-damn!!!!!! (YES, that deserved extra exclamation points.)  Back before I moved away, with the kind of money I make now, I could have more-than-comfortably paid rent on a two-bedroom. Now, (insert pause and downloaddisbelief emoji) WTF? Looking for places, in neighborhoods that use to be considered [San Diego] hood-as-fuck, before I left, want me to give them an arm, leg, both eyeballs, sell some rock on the block, ass on the weekends, Oh and probably UBER, to be able to just damn near make it.

For this shit, I could’ve stayed my ass in Brooklyn, where at least I knew what the hell I was paying premium rent for. That spectacular view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge of course! Alicia keys sang, “[Those] streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you,” that atmosphere absolutely filled my soul and motivated me like no other. Here I get to pay $1500-a-month for a one-bedroom and some mediocrity. And please don’t come at me with the “we pay for the weather” bullshit cuz constant sunshine and 70 degrees is not normal and fucks with my mood. Give me cloudy days and the SEASONS!

I need to know, how the hell is anyone doing better than just surviving out there? This is not a rhetorical question.

What blocks are y’all at? I’m not ready to step on toes . . .




Check out some of my sources below:

Zillow  and Rent Jungle

Women Who Inspire

This week has been exhausting, to say the least. I, like many, am in mourning for the loss of a great leader and first family; of course we knew this day would come because all presidential terms end, but still, it stings. Then to gaining some dude, that I am not even sure fully understands his new job description and we can certainly not refer to as a leader, to being subjected to the possibility of losing some of our basic rights as women, healthcare, equality and so much more… yeah this week can suck it!

But, today is the #WomensMarch and as I scrolled through Twitter reading some of reasons why women around the world are marching, I noticed a hashtag trending, #WomenWhoHaveInspiredMe, so I thought its probably best to put on our big girl chonies, that’s Spanish slang for undies for those of you who just raised an eyebrow, and push through with the positivity. With that being said, who is the woman/women that inspire you? Don’t be shy fellas, I know there are some bad-ass women out there who inspire you too! Go!!


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